We and our life cycle( good deeds live forever)


When we come to this world we weep and others laugh, but at the time of departure we sleep and others weep and we become senseless to feel their grief for us……..

In this world, we love, we hate, we do many things, we go up and down and we don’t keep our final destination in mind and finally, final destination welcomes us without our willing…….

This is time, we have relations, we have our kith and kins, we have massive blessings of Creator, we can do everything…..

Going straight, we turn left and right but turning left and right we just feel straight. We have time, and afterward, when we’ll go from this world, we’ll have no time, but that will be the time, time of judgment!!!!

So dear friends, Improve your good habits, improve your relations, may be in hearts of others we live long after we depart this world…….

==>Stay blessed , stay connected <==

Finally, Sunday has gone and Monday is just on…

Finally, Sunday has gone
and Monday is just on…

have to go back to work
again busy network…….

all the day long, no time to chat
sit on the chair and become fat…… 🙁

boss is on your head, work hard!!!
you have to finish your menu card

you will have one break, breakfast!!
work is harder, time is not fast…….

Clock hands are creeping, mind blast!!!
you have files, forget time u have passed.

7 hours duty and it is Monday………..:(
5 days more to next Sunday………….. 🙁

Sunday is Funday!!! Is SUNDAY funday???


Is Sunday, funday……..?
I open my eyes and say!

Let me sleep, let me delay
let me sleep, altleast 2day

is Sunday funday, I say
it is worst than any day

I get up and want to play
I am tagged to betray…..

My bro and sis, like to say
mom, bro is out of the way

Can I use mobile, no way!
bundle of work in my tray

I can’t go outside, they say!
pending works 2 do all day

is Sunday, funday………..
I ask, what do you say???

Myth behind veil, Muslim women use

As everyone knows, Muslim women use Abaya or Veil on their bodies, does everyone knows the myth, why they wear this?

Leaving all controversies behind, take a deep look….

1st Muslim women follow teachings of Islam, Islam says them to cover their whole body with clothes so that others could not recognize them and possibly they would not be hurt by others…….

2nd They are followers of Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), a role model for them and everyone has right to follow anyone so they follow teachings of Islam brought by Muhammad (PBUH)…….

3rd If we buy a candy from the market, we see that is covered with the wrapper, no one would like to buy uncovered candies, fruits are naturally covered with peel and peel is a protector for them, germs can’t pass through these protective shields, so it is a natural thing.

I’ll conclude my post with an example, if I have a candy without wrapper and throw it on the dusty floor, no one will prefer to eat that candy, but if I throw that candy wrapped with wrapper and ask anyone to eat, with little hesitation or dusting wrapper everyone would like to eat……….. this is logic, Muslim women are very important for Muslim men, they want them not be uncovered , that cover protects them from evil eyes……………

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Truecaller Makes your Life easier

, ,

If you are tired of anonymous calls on your phone, and you have a facility of the internet on your phone!!!
This app is more than wonderful, this app tells you about the caller. You can download it for your android phone Here and for iPhone Here.

This app not only tells you the name of the caller but also you can block or report certain numbers, or if incoming number is already listed as ad or spam, Trucaller will block that number automatically. This app basically makes life easier, when you are more than conscious about the callers, this app is best. Download it and enjoy

In my experience whenever any unknown number calls me, this app shows the name before receiving that call, I call the caller by name with astonishment from other end and question if I already knew the caller, makes me confident 🙂 I receive many calls a day, and some of them are anonymous to me as well, but I do not want to drop that call with reason, that call could be important, I find the caller name and feel comfort a bit for at least knowing something before call attempt.

Home many of you would already have installed this app but for those which are still unaware of this app, quick download this app and enjoy your life with your callers, atleast you can play a role of cheerleader for unknown callers 🙂

No Mac, No worries, Test your Website on Mac while in Windows OS


If you are a web-developer and want to test your site across browsers, ok, come online and test this online app….
You can test your development in different browsers and different OS.

If you are a WOS user and want to test your site in Mac, don’t worry, you can select your testing OS in live testing there and you will have Mac on your WOS and you can manage your content like you are working in Mac. Same is the case with Mac Developers who can select any testing machine and can test sites like they are working direct on that.

if you want different styling for Mac and WOS, you can use this code in your files and can target your CSS with specific classes in body like this jquery code

    setTimeout(test, 1000); //delay for demonstration

    function test() {

      var mac = navigator.platform.match(/Mac/) ? true : false;

      if (mac) {

Using this code you can add a class to body tag and you can target your elements on the page by that body class parent. and you can check your changes using this app and can make your clients happy by solving cross-browser-issues.

Analytify (Must have plugin)


Analytify is must have plugin for WordPress users, People which have little now how can understand the importance of this plugin, is free and pro. Plugin shows your stats in your dashboard with beautiful graphical structure and easy to understand with the first glimpse.

-Because of being easy to use
-Helps SEO optimizations,
-Multisite functionality,
-Prepost/ per page results,
-Front end and backend results,
-Enormous downloads and good rank.

I’ll simply say to use this plugin if you think you are lacking something and your clients are not stable. You need not leave your dashboard to check your website statistics, you can check per page analytics and everything is visible on your site tray…….
People nowadays are more conscious, more curious and more vibrant to scale their businesses than the old days where there were limited resources and no race to go out of town, but now business are spread in all over the world, you can groom your business living in small town and can take benefit from the world by your worth and recognition, great users, internet and your brand stone round the globe can make you world famous but some of the hidden resistors can block them so, you can smash it by using this plugin….. Hope you will enjoy the plugin results in real time. best of luck