Analytify (Must have plugin)


Analytify is must have plugin for WordPress users, People which have little now how can understand the importance of this plugin, is free and pro. Plugin shows your stats in your dashboard with beautiful graphical structure and easy to understand with the first glimpse.

-Because of being easy to use
-Helps SEO optimizations,
-Multisite functionality,
-Prepost/ per page results,
-Front end and backend results,
-Enormous downloads and good rank.

I’ll simply say to use this plugin if you think you are lacking something and your clients are not stable. You need not leave your dashboard to check your website statistics, you can check per page analytics and everything is visible on your site tray…….
People nowadays are more conscious, more curious and more vibrant to scale their businesses than the old days where there were limited resources and no race to go out of town, but now business are spread in all over the world, you can groom your business living in small town and can take benefit from the world by your worth and recognition, great users, internet and your brand stone round the globe can make you world famous but some of the hidden resistors can block them so, you can smash it by using this plugin….. Hope you will enjoy the plugin results in real time. best of luck

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