cocktail without ice
Pizza without spice

obligations without pray
complications in a tray

weather is so nice
you have no choice

father without order
limitations with border

fruit without juice
you can’t seduce

farrari in a rush
toothpaste, no brush

no offance in defence
job, but in a distance

life without wife, not so nice
beauty witout good voice.

We and our life cycle( good deeds live forever)


When we come to this world we weep and others laugh, but at the time of departure we sleep and others weep and we become senseless to feel their grief for us……..

In this world, we love, we hate, we do many things, we go up and down and we don’t keep our final destination in mind and finally, final destination welcomes us without our willing…….

This is time, we have relations, we have our kith and kins, we have massive blessings of Creator, we can do everything…..

Going straight, we turn left and right but turning left and right we just feel straight. We have time, and afterward, when we’ll go from this world, we’ll have no time, but that will be the time, time of judgment!!!!

So dear friends, Improve your good habits, improve your relations, may be in hearts of others we live long after we depart this world…….

==>Stay blessed , stay connected <==

Sunday is Funday!!! Is SUNDAY funday???


Is Sunday, funday……..?
I open my eyes and say!

Let me sleep, let me delay
let me sleep, altleast 2day

is Sunday funday, I say
it is worst than any day

I get up and want to play
I am tagged to betray…..

My bro and sis, like to say
mom, bro is out of the way

Can I use mobile, no way!
bundle of work in my tray

I can’t go outside, they say!
pending works 2 do all day

is Sunday, funday………..
I ask, what do you say???