Myth behind veil, Muslim women use

As everyone knows, Muslim women use Abaya or Veil on their bodies, does everyone knows the myth, why they wear this?

Leaving all controversies behind, take a deep look….

1st Muslim women follow teachings of Islam, Islam says them to cover their whole body with clothes so that others could not recognize them and possibly they would not be hurt by others…….

2nd They are followers of Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), a role model for them and everyone has right to follow anyone so they follow teachings of Islam brought by Muhammad (PBUH)…….

3rd If we buy a candy from the market, we see that is covered with the wrapper, no one would like to buy uncovered candies, fruits are naturally covered with peel and peel is a protector for them, germs can’t pass through these protective shields, so it is a natural thing.

I’ll conclude my post with an example, if I have a candy without wrapper and throw it on the dusty floor, no one will prefer to eat that candy, but if I throw that candy wrapped with wrapper and ask anyone to eat, with little hesitation or dusting wrapper everyone would like to eat……….. this is logic, Muslim women are very important for Muslim men, they want them not be uncovered , that cover protects them from evil eyes……………

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