No Mac, No worries, Test your Website on Mac while in Windows OS


If you are a web-developer and want to test your site across browsers, ok, come online and test this online app….
You can test your development in different browsers and different OS.

If you are a WOS user and want to test your site in Mac, don’t worry, you can select your testing OS in live testing there and you will have Mac on your WOS and you can manage your content like you are working in Mac. Same is the case with Mac Developers who can select any testing machine and can test sites like they are working direct on that.

if you want different styling for Mac and WOS, you can use this code in your files and can target your CSS with specific classes in body like this jquery code

    setTimeout(test, 1000); //delay for demonstration

    function test() {

      var mac = navigator.platform.match(/Mac/) ? true : false;

      if (mac) {

Using this code you can add a class to body tag and you can target your elements on the page by that body class parent. and you can check your changes using this app and can make your clients happy by solving cross-browser-issues.

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