cocktail without ice
Pizza without spice

obligations without pray
complications in a tray

weather is so nice
you have no choice

father without order
limitations with border

fruit without juice
you can’t seduce

farrari in a rush
toothpaste, no brush

no offance in defence
job, but in a distance

life without wife, not so nice
beauty witout good voice.

Finally, Sunday has gone and Monday is just on…

Finally, Sunday has gone
and Monday is just on…

have to go back to work
again busy network…….

all the day long, no time to chat
sit on the chair and become fat…… 🙁

boss is on your head, work hard!!!
you have to finish your menu card

you will have one break, breakfast!!
work is harder, time is not fast…….

Clock hands are creeping, mind blast!!!
you have files, forget time u have passed.

7 hours duty and it is Monday………..:(
5 days more to next Sunday………….. 🙁